Kianoyan Mehr Iranian

Providing recreational travel and health-tourism services

About us

Established in 2018, Kianoyan Mehr Iranian is a service company aiming to serve in the field of tourism. Relying on experience, expertise and innovation, we offer in-coming/out-going tourism services such as tours, exhibitions and seminars, as well as issuing international hotel vouchers, travel insurance policy for domestic and outbound trips. Kianoyan envisions a near-future where Medical Tourists from all over the world are familiar with the skillful Iranian Doctors, Surgeons and Medical Healers. Here at Kianoyan we hope to attract the greatest number of Tourists to Iran.

Our Team

Mohammad Hasan Maleki Mathoor
Mohammad Hasan Maleki Board and founder of Doctour
Samaneh Maleki Mathoor
Samaneh Maleki CEO
Dr. Rasool Abolhassani
Dr. Rasool Abolhassani Board member and medical team manager

Our Services

Incoming Tours

Kianoyan hosts incoming tourists to Iran.
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • City Tours
  • Hotel
  • Tour Leader

Out-Going Tours

Kianoyan offers unique packages for out-going tours.
  • European & Canadian Visa
  • Holding a Variety of Out-Going Tours
  • Holding Exhibition Tours
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Ticket

Domestic Tours

Kianoyan’ s incoming tours aim toward the advancement of Iran.
  • Holding Specialized Tours
  • Holding Educational Tours
  • Holding Empiricist Tours
  • Holding Family & Camping Tours

Health Tourism

Kianovian with the leading doctor brand in Iranian Health Tourism
  • 24 hour Support
  • Planning for therapeutic travel
  • Stay
  • Translator
  • Transfer

Health Tourism

Kianoyan Company established a doctor department with the aim of providing complete tourism services to foreign applicants.This department has stepped into the field with the creation of an experienced and experienced team and the creation of a proper infrastructure and expansion of the representative network in Iran and abroad, with a startup approach to become a trusted and trusted reference in the field of health tourism.

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Passenger and Tourism Services Company Kianovian Mehr Mehr Iranian

Organized Domestic Tours

Experience special trips with us every weekend
exciting journey to the Beliran forest

Tour of Abr Forest & Qala Bala Tourist Village

Travel to Tea Gardens (Kuchsfahan, Amlash and Lahijan)

Empiricist Tea Tour/ Gilan Providence (Lahijan Tea Gardens)

Journey to Kurdistan and Oraman Takh ٫ Attend Pierre Shaliar Ceremony

Trip to Kurdistan & Uraman Takht / Attending Pir Shalyar


Holding Tourism workshop at the edge of the UNWTO summit in Hamedan

with Professor Mohammad Badruddin Professor of USM University of Malaysia

Attending Shiraz tourism Exhibition

Holding the first International Sports Law Congress

attended by professors from the Swiss Wislaw Forum

Ardebil Health Tourism Summit and Ardebil Health Tourism Exhibition




Kianoyan Company Expansion of its communications has set up or contracts agencies in different countries

Iran, Marivan

Marbashmaq, inside the border market

Iraq, Karbala

al-Markazi, in front of al-Qannatiyyah al-Qadimah

Iraq, Sulaimaniyah

Shah Gami Mir Mir Mir-Ramaba Ray Sop Ray Kurdistan

Iraq, his eyesight

Brezza Al-Arab Al-Imam Street on

Iraq, Baghdad

Karada Street, opposite Al-Watan Theater

Azerbaijan, Baku

Heydar Aliyeve Ave 115, Caspian Sport Plazza, AZ1029, Baku

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Tawhid Street, above Metro Tawhid, Next to Modern Economics Bank, No. 33 Unit 12